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Forgiven By Christ Missionary Baptist Church was established on June 28, 2011 under the pastorate of The Reverend Willie C. Doss, M. Div. after pastoring Christ Tabernacle MBC for more than five years.  Upon being released from Christ Tabernacle MBC on his way down the downstairs, the Lord gave Him the name of the church and said it will be Forgiven By Christ Missionary Baptist Church, this occurred on the first week of April 2011.

The last sermon preached at Christ Tabernacle was The Bait of Satan!

Reverend Doss and a few members of Christ Tabernacle continued Bible Study around the theme The Bait of Satan at a friend’s church, Pastor Richard Baker, for approximately 6 weeks. During that time, Reverend Doss and others began to investigate a location for starting a new church.

After looking at a few locations, someone sent Reverend Doss a Facebook email about a Pastor who was renting space in his church. Reverend Doss spoke to Pastor Andre Massenburg over the phone and Pastor Massenburg suggested that Reverend Doss come look at the church.

Upon our arrival at 1444 S. Keeler Avenue in Chicago, we were all impressed by the church, but since we had not yet organized the church Reverend Doss informed Pastor Massenburg that he was not sure how many members he would have, but only that the Lord had given him a charge and a name of the church. Pastor Massenburg’s reply was that “the Lord had told him to be a blessing to Reverend Doss and the church. For the four years Pastor Massenburg owned the church he was just that to our church. We still consider him the angel of Forgiven By Christ MBC to this day!

When we had our first Worship Service at 1444 S. Keeler Avenue, 22 people joined the journey that is continuing to this day under the leadership of Pastor Doss. We established FBCMBC with the premise that we would be a tithing church and seek to avoid having a lot of fundraisers for church mission. We set aside 5% of our weekly tithes and offerings for Mission.

We had 21 members who chose to join this journey. For that we praise the Lord! We have been located at our present address, 1444 S. Keeler Avenue since our beginning.

We are a church of miracles, having witnessed at least five members overcome cancer, and others have experienced God’s deliverance from addiction and financial troubles.

We take time to pray for everyone brought before us in Worship and we have seen the Lord do mighty works in there lives of our members and those we pray for.