Willie C. Doss was born June 8, 1957 in Joliet, IL to Willie C. Doss, Sr. and Willa Blanch Thompson. He has three brothers, Frankie Hale-Doss, Dennis Doss and Dion Clark and one sister, Marjovel Gardner.

He attended Elementary School at Eliza Kelly and matriculated to Washington Junior High. High School was spent at Joliet Central High School for 3 ½ years, but he graduated at Joliet East High School. While in high school, he played football, quarterback and kickoff returner. He also played baseball, shortstop

He has a love of sports, played basketball, football, baseball and street hockey all year long. Street hockey was played with rolled up aluminum foil and broomsticks.

Willie lost his father at 5 years old to a car accident. He was returning home from working at Corn Products in Argo. His mom passed away after a battle with ovarian cancer. She was a Union Steward at Caterpillar. The doctors gave her three month, but through God’s grace she lived three years it was during this time that Willie gave his life to Christ.

Willie began college at Northern Illinois University in 1975. For three years prior to attending NIU he attended Project Upward Bound where he met Renard I. Jackson who challenged him to “stop being so damn shy.” That challenge caused him to push forward whenever he wanted to lay back.

While at NIU Willie became the Resident Hall DJ and played for the largest After Set at NIU during that time.  It was also one of the reasons he flunked out of NIU. Not enough focus on his education. The flunking out was the wake up call to get it together. Willie went to Joliet Junior College for a year, and graduated with a A.A. in Data Processing.

In 1977 Willie enrolled back at NIU with a renewed determination to finish. During that time he joined the NIU Black Choir and sang bass. It was at NIU that he met and married Minnie Doss. He was blessed with three great children, Edmond, Jarmel and Jason. Each of them are tremendous in their own right. They are my joy!

Willie graduated from NIU twice, once with a B.S. in Computer Science and a Minor in Black Studies in 1980 and with an M.S. in Education, emphasis in School Business Management in 1983.

He began working at Ameritech in 1984, then transitioned to The Option Clearing Corporation and finally to Arlen Business Systems, a Black Owned and operated Computer Consulting firm. During this time Willie had an idea to form his own business, Willie C. Doss, Inc. a computer consulting firm, with one employee, himself.

It was in 1990 that Willie sensed the call of the Lord to Ministry. He had served as the Sunday School Superintendant, Trustee and Deacon at Second Baptist Church in Joliet under the late Pastor Morris H. Smith. Willie preached his “trial sermon” on April 1, 1990, “Go Tell The World” Matthew 28:18-20.

Pastor Smith encouraged Willie to go to seminary, which he did in September of 1990 at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. He graduated with a Master of Divinity. He later began work on a Doctor of Ministry. While working on his Master’s Willie was elected to become the first President of the Joliet Area Church-Based Organized Body (JACOB). He served two terms in which the organization grew from a start of nine churches to twenty-seven. During this time Rev. Larry V. Tyler became Pastor of Second Baptist Church.

Shortly after the end of his term of office, Willie was called to Saint John Church-Baptist under the Pastorate of the Rev. Ricky Freeman where he served as the Director of Christian Education and a year later as his Assistant Pastor.

In 2005, Willie was called to the pastorate of Christ Tabernacle MBC. He served for 5 ½ years. During his tenure he was able to bring the former Pastor, Dwight Gunn, now Bishop together in a Reconciliation Service that was done in the spirit of being Ministers of Reconciliation.

In 2011, after being dismissed from Christ Tabernacle, on the way out the door, the Lord spoke to Willie and gave him the name of a new church, Forgiven By Christ MBC. God has been and is good. He has given me a beautiful new wife, Viola Chevette Doss and a great people to pastor! To God be the Glory for the journey!

We invite you to come and worship with us! We are waiting for you and the Lord is too!

In Christ,